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A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, ( kramasampurna) and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent. 72 MELAKARTA RAGAS PDF – A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, (kramasampurna) and has the. Start studying 72 melakarta ragas. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Jhankaradhwani the 19th Melakarta. Sarasangi the 27th Melakarta. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.


Rragas is easy to see that R and G will also give six variations, thus each of this can generate 6 ragas due to D,N variations, therefore there will arise in all: Harikambhoji the 28th Melakarta.

Sa and Pa are fixed. Carnatic music Tanjavur-style Tambura. This important work “Chaturdandi Prakashika” was published in AD.

Indian classical music portal. See Katapayadi sankhya for more information on how to derive the various swaras melakrata a raga from its melakarta number. Jhalavarali the 39th Melakarta. The ragas within the chakra differ only in the dhaivatam and nishadam notes D and Nas illustrated below.


From the melakarta ragas only, many derived or janya ragas are possible. The 16 squares in the center of the chart contain all avivadi melakarta ragas.

Navaneetam 40 and Vagadeeshwari Vagadheeshwari the 34th Melakarta. Govindhacharya is credited with the standardization of rules and known for giving different names for standard ragas that have a different structure but the same swaras as those proposed by Venkatamakhi. He is considered the father of mela system of ragas.


This gallery shows the SVG format images. Shadvidamargini the 46th Melakarta.

Kosalam the 71st Melakarta. Ramapriya the 52nd Melakarta. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The controversial parts relate to double counting of R2 and similar svaras and his exclusive selection of madyamas for which there is no specific reasoning also known as asampurna melas as opposed to sampurna ragas. And if we choose D3, we can only have the D3,N3 combination; so for a melakarya given set of notes upto P termed poorvangawe have 6 combinations from D,N variations.

Click the link below to share our interesting site with your friends and family. He has also composed more than one set of kritis in melaakrta melakarta ragas.

Namanarayani the 50th Melakarta.

Melakarta ragams (svg)

It is an invaluable contribution to the theory of Carnatic music. Madhavi April 28, at 9: Email required Address never made public. The first half consists of 36 melakarta ragas with shudda madhayama M1 and the second half contains the other melakarta ragas with prati madhyama M2. Skipped notes or repeated notes, etc.

The following examples will illustrate the point. PDF version of chart. The left side of the panel includes rgaas image of the western scale equivalent of the particular raga. For example, Harikambhoji raga starts with syllables Ha and riwhich have numbers 8 and 2 associated with them. Tanaroopi the 6th Melakarta.


Gourimanohari the 23rd Melakarta. First locate the square in which the swaras are marked. Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files. Just divide the raga by 6.

The digits corresponding to the first two syllables of ragaa name of a raga, when reversed, give the index of the raga. The Mukund melakarta raga chart is presented below and the explanations are given to emphasize the utility of the chart.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

The Trinity have not composed songs in all these ragas. Dheerashankarabarana where Dhee and Ra are the first two syllables Dha closest to Dhee — 9 Ra — 2 Reverse it to get the mela number of the raga i. The 72 Melakarta ragas with the notes they take and the chakras they fall in are given below with links adapted from Wikipedia. Manavati the 5th Melakarta. From these 12 notes alone, all the melakarta ragas are generated and from these melakarta ragas only, thousands and thousands of janya ragas get evolved.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Carnatic ragams svg. The melakarta ragas scheme is variously called Janaka ragas, Sampoorna ragas, Raganga ragas,Melakarta ragas or Mela ragas.